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Here at CVS anglia we undertake various levels of servicing; ensuring your vehicle receives only the work it needs. We use data programs which give us the servicing requirements of all makes and models to enable us to make sure you vehicle gets what it needs when it needs. We also keep records of all of our customers vehicles that we have serviced to know what was fitted on what mileage, and therefore when it is next due.

Servicing is highly important maintenance for your vehicles; ensuring the oil is clean and correct allowing the proper lubrication for your engine and that all other filters are changed allowing the car to run within is correct parameters. Failure to service your vehicle can result in deeper problems.

With service requirements getting more involved for modern vehicles; for example ensuring the engine oil is not only the correct grade but also that it meets the specification your vehicle requires, we have access to technical data for all makes and models to ensure the correct parts and procedures are undertaken with your vehicle. We only use O.E quality parts and good quality oil.

CVS servicing
Cambelt Replacement
CVS cambelt replacement

Vehicles fitted with a cambelt (timing belt) will have set intervals when they must be replaced; for example a 2004 1.6 petrol for focus interval is very 100,000 miles or 10 years. Getting your cambelt replaced on time is absolutely crucial because if the cambelt fails it causes internal damage to the engine. 

The cambelt is a toothed belt which runs around the camshaft and crankshaft, keeping the engine timing correct to allow the valves and pistons to move and operate at the correct time. When the cambelt fails it cause the pistons to contact the valves and bend them, ultimately loosing compression in the engine and rendering it useless. The repair that follows will either consist of removal of the vehicle head and having engineering work completed to replace and correctly seat valves or having a replacement engine. Either way the repair bill can be huge; often more than the value of the vehicle.

Whilst servicing your vehicle we will check when the cambelt interval is and advise you of it. If you are concerned when your cambelt is due or if you would a quote please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


We undertake all repairs at CVS; from light bulb replacement to engine exchanges! Have have 30 year of experience in undertaking repairs. A short and non extensive list of repair work we undertake are;

  • Clutch/ gearbox replacement

  • Brakes 

  • Suspension work

  • Tyres

  • Welding repairs

  • Brake pipes

  • Exhausts

  • PAS 

  • Injectors

For any prices on repairs or if you have a query on any work please contact us or pop in for a discussion.

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